How Casadei’s ‘Naked’ 60th Anniversary Collection Is Inspired by Andy Warhol

In its 60th year, Casadei has been future-proofing its own company with a bit of help from Andy Warhol. To celebrate this anniversary, the home is releasing a unique”nude” capsule collection of slingback pumps in six colours. The uppers are finished in a mixture of plastic and poppy colors, whilst Casadei’s signature blade heel comes encased in Plexi and reimagined in a brand new 6-centimeter kitty elevation.

FN obtained an exclusive preview in the Casadei atelier and mill last month at Italy’s apparel heartland, San Mauro Pascoli. Creative manager Cesare Casadei revealed us that the pop art pictures from his disposition board that prompted the group but also clarified that the deeper resonance of Warhol’s Factory.